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Every $16 buys one ton of reduced carbon emissions and preserves two rainforest trees.

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Reduce Carbon Emissions

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reducing deforestation

Rainforest nations and their communities work to preserve their rainforests. Their results are calculated in tons of carbon saved, or REDD+ Result Units, and submitted under the Paris Agreement.

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We all must reduce our carbon emissions. Each American creates 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions on average per month. i

preserve rainforest

Buying REDD+ Result Units lets you pay for emissions you can’t reduce while supporting developing nations that preserve their rainforests.

How It Works

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Over 90% of the world’s rainforests participate in the REDD+ Mechanism under the UNFCCCi initiated by the Coalition for Rainforest Nations.

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Successful efforts to reduce deforestation result in more carbon reductions and removals, which are verified by the UNFCCC and registered under the Paris Agreement.

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Rainforest nations and their communities receive 100% of RRU sale proceeds to support their ongoing work protecting rainforests.

Why Rainforests?


Tropical rainforests absorb dangerous greenhouse gases that cause global warming. These gases are released when rainforests are destroyed.
Rainforests also house thousands of endangered species and provide livelihoods to hundreds of millions of rural and indigenous people.

What Makes REDD+ Result Units Unique?

Each carbon credit or REDD+ Result Unit™ is issued by the national government to prevent leakage, eliminate double counting and seamlessly integrate into the global carbon accounting. REDD+ Result Units™ are only made available after conservation efforts have been successful and independently reviewed by the UNFCCC. REDD+ Result Units™ are registered on the UNFCCC REDD+ Information Hub , and we retire them upon sale.

Save more trees and offset more emissions with monthly purchase.

A monthly purchase supports more proven rainforest conservation.
$16/mo. saves 24 trees and offsets 12 tons of carbon a year.

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