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Panama is a unique biodiversity hotspot comprised of different national terrestrial and marine protected areas, including forests and wildlife and biosphere reserves. As of 2016 the estimated forest area of Panama occupies 56% of the total area of the country. Panama is one of the fastest-growing economies in Latin American, but some of this growth has led to the loss of more than 250,000 hectares of mature forest in less than a decade. Uncontrolled deforestation has increased erosion rates and the risk of desertification, which are expected to be aggravated by the effects of climate change.

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Land area:


1,000 sq. km

Forest area:


% of total land area



avg. annual %, 2000 - 2015



$ billions

Terrestrial protected areas:


% of total land area


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Information Systems for Safeguards
National Monitoring System


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To stop climate change global deforestation must be reversed

Under the UN Climate Convention, the REDD+ mechanism helps developing countries earn REDD+ results if they reduce deforestation and degradation, conserve rainforests or reforest degraded areas on a national scale.

The UNFCCC has set a high bar under the REDD+ mechanism and approves REDD+ results that are measured in tons of CO2e. is the first platform to provide a central registry and exchange for REDD+ results and credits – it enables lifecycle tracking and reporting of REDD+ results, including emissions reductions and removals approved under the Paris Agreement.

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