Save Rainforests, Achieve Your Net-Zero Targets and Support Developing Countries

Be Paris Agreement compliant. Buy carbon credits from proven, national rainforest conservation efforts, accounted for in the global carbon budget.

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What Makes Unique?

The UNFCCC REDD+ Mechanism!

Based on National Efforts

Carbon Credits come from national efforts to preserve and restore rainforests. You only pay for net reduction of national emissions, and the displacement of deforestation is prevented.

Recognizes national governments' crucial role in policy, land tenure and land-use regulations.

Provides the scale of reductions needed - 1bn tons per year - to help address the climate emergency

Paris Agreement Compliant

REDD+ is a global conservation mechanism created under, and administered by, the UNFCCC.

Rigorous measurement, reporting, independent verification and unified greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting ensures atmospheric integrity.

Integration into national GHG inventories prevents double-counting

It works:

A global system, with all key results and retirements published on the UN REDD+ InfoHub.
Since 2006, it has generated over 8.7 bn tons of emissions reductions

How It Works

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Forest preservation efforts are measured and reported on a National Scale

The national government: develops a REDD+ strategy; defines a system to measure and monitor forest emissions; reports on safeguards; and creates a Forest Reference Level (FRL) i
All work is completed under standards enshrined in the Paris Agreement.

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REDD+ results are independently verified then published on the UNFCCC Info Hub

Emissions reductions are independently verified by two experts from the UNFCCC Roster of Experts.
UNFCCC Secretariat reviews all requirements and posts national reductions meeting these requirements on the UNFCCC InfoHub.

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Countries join, providing you access to REDD+ Results Units

REDD+ Results Units (RRUs) are serialized on a registry powered by IHS MarkIt.
Businesses and individuals can now access these credits on cbl markets or the platform. i

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Your purchase of RRUs rewards countries directly; retired and reported with full transparency. aims to return at least 90% of the proceeds to the country.
Buyers and nations are provided full transparency. reports all retirements to the UNFCCC to ensure proper treatment in the global carbon budget.

Who Does What?

The REDD+ Mechanism

Issuers are the national governments of rainforest nations.

Standards are created under UNFCCC processes, approved by COP decisions, and enshrined in the Paris Agreement

Administration is provided by the UNFCCC Secretariat.

Independent verification is conducted by two individuals from the UNFCCC Roster of Experts – one from a developing country and one from a developed country. Platform and RRUs

Listing on the platform is approved by the national government.

Registry is administered by IHS MarkIt - ensuring integrity of ownership of every RRU throughout the lifecycle.

Exchange is powered by cbl markets – the largest environmental exchange platform in the world.

Reporting of retirements to UNFCCC is done by to ensure proper accounting in NDCs and the global carbon budget.

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