The UN’s REDD+ Mechanism

Under the UN Climate Convention, developing countries earn REDD+ results if they reduce deforestation and degradation, conserve rainforests or reforest degraded areas on a national scale. The UNFCCC sets a very high bar under the REDD+ Mechanism and approves REDD+ results that are measured in tons of CO2e.

REDD.Plus is the first platform to provide a central registry and exchange for REDD+ results/credits. enables lifecycle tracking and reporting of REDD+ Results (emissions reductions and removals) approved under the Paris Agreement.

Please contact us to learn more about how you can acquire REDD+ credits to help end deforestation and forest degradation while reforesting degraded lands globally.



Full transparency on buyers, sellers and traded units through a state-of-the-art platform


Directly provides climate support for communities, rainforests, wildlife, biodiversity and ecosystems.

High performance

Instant automated credit and cash transactions on a regulated platform on 24/7 support.

Global trading

Large-scale credit supply from countries around the globe.


of the world‘s tropical forest is included in REDD+ mechanism today.

50+ countries

are actively engaged in the REDD+ Mechanism submitting results to the UNFCCC

6.3 bn tons

of carbon emissions were reduced by REDD+ from 2010 to 2016

Why are rainforests crucial?

Carbon storage: Destruction of forests creates emissions while reducing their ability to absorb carbon

Biodiversity: 70% of Earth's land animals and plants call forests home

Sustainable livelihoods: Over 1 billion people depend on forests

Medication: Over 25% of modern medicines have their origins in rainforests

Water: Rainforests purify water systems and promote rainfall

Soil Health: Forests prevent land degradation and slow down desertification

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